Crystal Paints Automotive Paint is a very tough polyurethane based enamel that is very easy to use. The Automotive paint can be used on Fridges, Freezers, Metal Frames, Workbenches etc. It can be brushed, rolled or sprayed straight onto prepared plastics, metals and most other automotive surfaces. The high quality of the paint allows for it to be painted onto most solid pre painted surfaces.

If spraying you may need to thin the paint using Mineral Turpentine by adding 1-2% Mineral Turpentine to the paint until there is no more spitting from your spray unit. Do not add anymore then 15% Mineral Turpentine to the paint as this will degrade the paint. 



Remove all oxidation, oils etc from surfaces being painted.


Using 240-320 grit sandpaper, sand off the surface. Crystal Paints recommends that a small test patch is done before completing your painting to compare compatibility.

Bare steel should be undercoated with Crystal Paints Red or Grey Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer.

Motorcycle plastics, automotive plastics and fibreglass only need to be sanded lightly before applying paint.

Drying time and wait times between coats is 2-4 hours depending on weather conditions. Ensure paint is completely dry before applying additional coats. 

Clean up using Mineral Turpentine. 

Do not mix  with any other paints, solvents or additives as this could affect the performance of the paint.

Coverage is 8-12 square metres per litre.

Do not paint if the temperature is less than 12 degrees celsius.

We recommend you use gloves, protective clothing, eye protection, breathing apparatus, protective footwear, and have adequate ventilation.